What is yoga?



Yoga is a check-in for the most fundamental human relationship: YOU + YOU.

It is time dedicated to the relationship you’ve forged with yourself, a connection that brings greater stability and health to other relationships in your life. Yoga provides a window into how your body is feeling and functioning. When you step onto the mat, you may become instantly aware of a muscle ache or shortness of breath that was hidden from your consciousness before. When you invite yoga into your life, you marry self-care and self-awareness into a gently holistic practice that calms, heals, and strengthens you from within.

Yoga is movement, breath, and meditation. Each of these components will be present in every experience that I guide.

MOVEMENT:  Asana, or the movements of yoga, are sequenced to help the individual listen to the body and give it the opportunity to explore stillness, expansiveness, and equilibrium. The knowledge acquired through movement practice increases physical strength and flexibility.

BREATH:  Pranayama, or breath practice, teaches various techniques to distribute, balance, and harness the energy of the breath. Students can learn to calm, vivify, or equalize their breathing.

MEDITATION:  Meditation creates time to witness and contemplate thought patterns and ultimately understand our relationship with concentration.