Relax, Strengthen, and Realign


Designed to be a self-empowering process, yoga therapy is a personal yoga practice customized to address an individual’s pain, illness, anxiety, or other unique needs.

If you choose to go this route with me as your yoga therapist, I will create a regimen of poses, mediations, breathing exercises, and other activities tailored to your goals. Yoga therapy is an evolving process that not only addresses your needs directly, but can also ease ongoing suffering and be used to manage chronic pain.

Why personal practices?

Personalized therapeutic yoga practices provide a structure to life’s creative process. A personal practice is something for you to look forward to: the process is designed to meet your specific needs so it is a benefit, not a stress. For some people, this means flexibility, for others rigid structure. The complexity (or simplicity) of the practice will depend upon your personality, desires, and intentions.


Homework is one of the key components to a successful yoga therapy experience. This simple intro will be an “ah” to the parts of the practice that resonate with you right now and give you an idea of space and time that you will dedicate to the process. It is both grounding and inspirational at the same time.

Intro to Yoga Therapy

A 7-day experience based on yoga therapy processes including:

– Meditation technique
– Inquiry process
– Asana instruction
– Mudra explanation
– Ayurvedic intro
– Eight limbs of yoga
– Yantra exploration
– Daily emails

Intro to Yoga Therapy

$29 7-day Experience

Create a Personal Practice

This session is 90 minutes. We will come up with your own daily yoga practice and some key rituals to vibrant living.

Create a Personal


Here are some thoughts and experiences from my current yoga therapy clients:

I began my yoga practice because I was suffering from lower-back and neck issues. Bridgett’s vast knowledge of yoga, her ability to provide guidance to yogis of varying levels and needs, as well as her radiant presence, has not only helped my pains but opened the door to the world of yoga for me. I look forward to her weekly guidance.

—Cyrus V

I have a son with autism and many health problems. Our University of Minnesota doctor suggested trying yoga, and he recommended Bridgett. I didn’t know what to expect, but what I found was a lovely person who is calm, patient, creative and knowledgeable. Bridgett gently guides us in the principles of yoga, which help relax, quiet, strengthen, and realign what pain and discomfort has challenged. She is the best!

—Peg S

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