Release Tension, Facilitate Energy Flow


Thai Yoga Bodywork is often referred to as “lazy yoga.” You show up in comfortable clothing, as you would for a regular yoga class, but instead of taking poses yourself you passively receive hands-on adjustment from the practitioner. The adjustments create shape and form to assist your body in facilitating energy flow and releasing tension from tissues. The results are similar to those of a yoga class, allowing you to feel relaxed and calm in body, mind, and breath.

What are the benefits of Thai Yoga Bodywork?

This style of bodywork can address everything from chronic pain to flexibility to ongoing anxiety.

Here’s what my current clients say about their experiences:

Lack of flexibility and constant muscle soreness have been my challenges for years. Bridgett’s skillful manipulation of muscle groups, joints and pressure points using Thai yoga bodywork was a breakthrough for me! A massage has never left me feeling the way this did. If you want the magic of human touch combined with the expertise of yoga-based stretching and pinpoint pressure, give Bridgett and Thai yoga bodywork a try soon!

~ Jim

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