This is a compreshensive approach to achieving your wellness goals. Thai yoga bodywork, meditation, yoga, intention setting, energy healing and nutritional and plant-based approaches to support ongoing wellness.

I recommend this to anyone who wants to jump start a more consistent self-care routine. From nutrition to gentle movement and dedicated meditative states. This treatment is a 90-day program with bodywork, weekly face-to-face check-in, daily supplements.

Creative Catalyst

This package is all about expression. For when the creative juice runs dry. You become the anctedode. You will receive energy and body work, learn the ancient art of mandala and Vedic numerology, explore dream state consciousness.


This is for your inner queen. The way you walk the earth. Kundalini yoga to raise your confidence, bodywork, essential oils and yantra to bring you into your graceful power.

Heart Center

Time spent together for gentle unfolding.  Practices for your heart to purify, release and rejuvenate. The heart is a vessel for expanding into life and compassionate joy. This is a lovely package for heart-healing after a shift in relationship or loss. 

Voice and Choice

Silence can be the most expansive state. The paradox is it can also be the most constricted. Finding the most natural vocalization that is derived from a freedom and flow is our right to experience. This is my favorite offering, because the complexity of language is so human. So we explore subtly of language, peaceful communication, and appreciation for elemental communication while exploring your unique voice. Our culture imposed a breath pattern of stress and achievement on each of us. This time together is to remind you of your own breath, your simple beautiful rhythm before any domination was introduced. It is a return to innocence of breath, and liberation of expression.


A tune up. An alignment. 20/20 vision. You are like right there and want a little support. Your physical body has a few stuck spots and you want to let the kinks go do you can be in the here and now.


Sovereign being. Let’s hang out and bliss out. Reminding you of your connectivity through bodywork, creativity or yoga.


Group Activity

Yantra or Vedic numerology
This is a group offering that has been used to fulfill the meditation and philosophy components of a yoga teacher training or integrated as a retreat activity. Because of my skill set, it can also be the corner stone of a week-long yoga retreat.


Thai Yoga Bodywork on-site.
Thai is a sacred healing modality. My most beloved way to share it is one-to-one. And My confidence in knowing our culture needs more touch, and experiencing people being exposed to this modality and really wanting more lends to my offering of Thai Yoga Bodywork at events and as a group activity. It can be just me giving 20-minute tuneups at a corporate wellness fair or I can grab a few friends for a fun birthday party activity.

I’ve worked with kids of all ages. Birthday party for 14-year-old girls: got you covered. This age loves yoga, intro to oracle cards and some understanding of energy. Teaching kids is an opportunity to plant seeds for life-long connection to intuition. I keep it fun and easeful. Some kids love bodywork and learn so much from being allowed the residence of sensitivity. I offer these sessions at a discount because I believe in these tiny teachers and so want them to retain self-love and connection.


Prices vary from $60 – $2000 based on your specific needs. Book a Wellness Consult and we can determine the best approach.