Simplicity and Depth


Bridgett Erickson is committed to sharing yoga and bodywork experiences that hold both the simplicity and depth to help any student feel empowered and restored. She wants everyone who works with her to enjoy the benefits of connected breath and body and carry the techniques they’ve learned back into day-to-day life. Bridgett sequences her classes to allow the meditative qualities of clarity, calm, and connection to arise organically. She has a gentle and encouraging approach that reflects her respect for each individual’s path and innate wisdom.

Bridgett taught her first class at the University of Minnesota in 2005 and has since taught at studios, workplaces, schools, and homes around Minneapolis. Her training includes certifications from: Corepower Yoga, Khalsa Way prenatal yoga, Yoga Baby Bonding, Inner Peace Yoga Therapy, Heart of Yoga, and Rest and Renew. She also has training in Reiki, Healing Touch and Thai Yoga Bodywork.

Bridgett is passionate about sharing embodiment practices. She also enjoys traveling, writing, reading, walking her dog, gazing at the moon, and the cosmic joy of life’s mystery. Bridgett is married to Barton Erickson, they live in Minneapolis with their three sons: Bennett, Oz and Walter.

Learn more about Bridgett’s three core offerings: yogayoga therapy, and Thai Yoga Bodywork

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