Welcome! I’m so glad you found me, and hope I can support you in your personal yoga journey.

Yoga is an ancient system for creating a joyful life, and it’s my intention to help people discover and amplify their love of this transformative practice. I teach yoga as medicine to ensure that my students can access all of their internal power, entrain their nervous systems for healing, and share restorative health practices with others. Yoga isn’t merely exercise; its practices provide an anchor for optimizing health.

Since each person’s needs and preferences are unique, I offer three distinct styles of yoga teaching.

  • For some, the opportunity to connect with an in-person community and participate in a group physical practice is the cornerstone of yoga life.
  • For others, a one-to-one relationship with a teacher and the ability to customize the practice to their lifestyle and specific needs is essential.
  • For others, access to hands-on healing through assisted yoga is the most effective and organic way to build a sustainable pracice.

Creating a joyful practice means finding the time commitment, yoga style, and teacher that fit your needs. I thoroughly enjoy the process of discovering what motivates each individual and creating a yoga practice that enhances their current experience of life.

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